My name is Ryan Steenrod

I’m a Movement Coach teaching people how to be Strong, Capable and Resilient in Life.

My “Why”

Everyone has their “why” in life and we either choose to live by it and go after what we want, or we don’t.  

For me, my why is to be good enough.

I know it sounds cheesy but I went through a period of life where I didn’t feel good enough. My confidence suffered and I shut myself down, causing me to default to a destructive lifestyle.

I remember walking up the stairs to my college apartment just gasping for breath.  Here I was, a standout, fun-loving high school athlete just two years removed from the healthiest time of my life, and I couldn’t even walk up stairs without being winded.  I was 30 pounds over weight, inflamed and sick all the time. 

I definitely wasn’t strong, capable and resilient.  I felt embarrassed, timid and uneducated.  It was a cycle that I eventually broke, but it wasn’t easy to do.  

I started coaching because I don’t think anyone should feel the way I felt.  I believe everyone is good enough and certainly has the power to lead a strong, capable, resilient lifestyle.  It just requires a little motivation and education.

I can help you with the education, you just need to have your motivation…your why.